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Editing—Its Role in Improving the Quality of English Journals Published in Japan

Japan is among the leading knowledge-producing nations in the world today. The quality and quantity of research conducted in Japan is remarkable. In an endeavor to promote international visibility through better quality English, we presented our views on editing and language quality at a seminar conducted by SPARC Japan on Dec 12, 2005.

The presentation discusses the following in relation to scholarly publishing.
  • How does language quality affect research and researchers?
  • How does editing impact language quality—an illustrated example
  • What are the standard approaches used by journals?
A suggested approach for gakkais

The information is especially beneficial to authors who are new to the concept of editing and would like to understand it better. Readers can also gain excellent tips on how to select a good editor.

View presentation (in Japanese)
View presentation (in English)

View Appendixes
Why subedit
Creating an editorial policy
Why and how to select and certify editors

Read a survey report related to this presentation: The Quality of English Language in Japanese Journals—Opinions of Authors, Journal Editors, Journal Managers, and Publishers.