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The Quality of English Language in Japanese Journals—Opinions of Authors, Journal Editors, Journal Managers, and PublishersJan 06

93% of the researchers in Japan believe that English has a role in deciding the impact factor of a journal?a survey report!"

In a survey conducted by the Center for Research Writing Resources, based on a presentation at the 2005 SPARC summit in Japan, 93% of the Japanese researchers claimed that the English language has a role in influencing the ranking and impact factor of English journals published in Japan.

The survey revealed that editing is an important activity in preparing a manuscript. In order to accomplish this task successfully, journal editors have encouraged authors to employ professional English editing services.

The purpose of this survey was to form a collective opinion on the quality of the English language in Japanese journals. This report aims to provide you?the researcher?an opportunity to understand the current trends in English research writing from the perspective of authors and journal editors.

It offers you valuable insight and information on the editing process and the prime causes for rejection of articles by editors. The information contained in this report is of great value to all those researchers who wish to dramatically improve the chances of their success.

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